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uuuhhhh.... nice pics? i guess...

you get one star for the animation and pics
and thats all you get.

I didn't even know if there was an inside joke i was missing out on it was just stupid and had very lame script work


for speed animation im very VERY impressed. the images flow very nice with seamless action. would have been better if it had been voice dubbed though ll the same 10+ on all aspects of this short

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oh man so close to 10

you get 9
and the reason why is simple
over use of the voice box
everything else in this track is great
the filter sweeps are truly nice
but since the voic e box keeps sayuing the same thing over again
it almost feels like it takes away from ther goodness of the track
but still a great track.

Nice and Liquid

I disagree with totalHarmonic
The bass in this track is totally the best part.
As a drum and bass dj and producer myself
This is some of the best liquid DnB I'v hurd on this site.
what I am intersted in though is what you were using to make it
The bass sounds too sexy for fruity loops
All in all a great track you get 10 :D

broove responds:

I used Reason, Ableton and some vst's.
Thanks for the review, man

label from pad sounds not the drums

i must agree just because you have a fast drum set dose not make your tracks DnB but i also agree with the other side saying that yes this is a great song in itself. it's just im a live mixing Dj so i get really bumed out when stuff is listed wrong 9/10

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